Purpose and Use

This portfolio is designed to be an on-going representation of my professional growth and development. It will be a continuous display for my professional accomplishments and will serve as a display for various types of works, artifacts and documentations that demonstrate my professionalism in the field of school library and information technologies as well as literacy education. Many of the documents are reflective of my work during the completion of the Masters Program at Mansfield University in the School Library and Information Technologies program.

Documents contained within my portfolio will reflect my knowledge and expertise in many areas, including; technology, collaboration with various teaching staff, literacy promotion and education, assessment, research, student achievement, my role in providing staff development, my own on-going professional development, professional goals, and various other examples of my professional growth and learning. The Philosophy, Mission and Vision statements provide an overview of the school library's role in the overall education and achievement of students. My Curriculum Vita outlines the education and experiences that I offer and exemplifies my dedication to the field of literacy and the school library program. A complete listing of my coursework from the Mansfield University School Library and Information Technologies program is provided. A section is devoted to the specific projects and lessons that were completed as part of the practicum course and my daily activity log is also available for viewing. Additionally, I have included a section that is devoted to self assessments. Self assessments highlight my growth and development as a lifelong learner.