Philosophy, Vision and Mission of the School Library


The philosophy of the school library program is based on the guidelines and documents of the American Library Association. Literacy and life-long learning are the focus of the school library's philosophy. Children are given many and varied opportunities to share their background knowledge, ask questions, seek information and experience many new and different opportunities. The learning process is fostered through exploration and searching. Learning is an ongoing process that is encouraged through all types of explorations in the school library. The school library media specialist will work to foster a love of learning and literacy through the implementation of a well rounded information literacy curriculum that is integrated into authentic, collaborative teaching experiences with classroom/content area teachers. Additionally, the SLMS ensures that the school library media center is an inviting and accessible environment for all learners.


The vision of the school library program is based on the ability of the school librarian and staff to create a culture of literacy and learning that will foster an appreciation of life long learning through information seeking and reading appreciation. All learners, faculty, staff, administration, school board members, families and community members value the opportunities for learning and literacy exploration and appreciation that are made available through the school library program. The school library is valued as the literacy and learning heart of the school. It is viewed not only as an exciting and interesting place to visit but also as a threshold to numerous resources that can be accessed virtually, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The school library media specialist is seen as an indispensible leader, program administrator, instructional partner, information specialist as well as teacher.


In accordance with the Binghamton City School District’s mission: “To Provide a Rich Environment for Quality Learning,” the school library program’s mission emulates an environment of quality learning, exploration and knowledge appreciation. As the district strives to “offer cutting-edge programs and opportunities for all students,” (BCSD Guiding Principle), the school library program will help strengthen partnerships both within the school learning environment, through collaborative teaching opportunities and between the school and community agencies. The school library media specialist will participate in professional learning communities that support: collaboration, co-teaching and planning, data-driven instructional decisions and the use of instructional technologies to ensure that students become information literate and achieve academic success.